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The death of my beloved sister Kerry, in 1999, was a turning point in my artistic journey. From that time forward, my art has been, first and foremost, a way for me to practice acceptance of what is, and to find comfort, inspiration, hope and joy in a world that has so many ups and downs beyond my control. Creating paintings is a practice that helps me to notice beauty and love alongside the pain and loss that are inevitable in life. Making art that depicts these glimmers of joy nourishes my spirit and keeps me going through the tough times.

In my paintings, I share messages of love and encouragement, most often through intimate, close-up glimpses of nature. They are inspired not only by personal experiences but also by mystic poetry and teachings. Each work of art is an invitation to notice the gifts in our experiences and to feel, hear and see the messages all around us that our hearts most need.



Laura Higgins has been painting in acrylics since her first piece in her last year of high school in 1988: a fantasy painting of two unicorns and a princess! Her technique is nearly all self-taught, however she enjoyed learning more about how to express meaning in her work through painting classes at York University during her undergraduate degree. Her background in English literature and many years of crafting prose and poetry feeds her passion for writing about the meaning behind her art pieces.

Many of her paintings express her personal search for hope and healing amidst profound grief for her sister and other lost loved ones. It is her way of focusing on the good things in my life, and on the grace she feels at work within her grief, while also expressing the lasting legacy and influence of those she loves and misses. 


Her work can be found in private, public and corporate collections in North America and the U.K. 

Laura lives in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada with her family. She is grateful to be one of the founding members of the Newmarket Group of Artists. Meditation, writing, nature walks and photography are some of her other joys in life.

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