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You know it when you see it. When you look at a painting and it strikes a chord. You feel a connection. As if it were a beautiful message just for you.

I know that feeling.

Maybe it’s the subject matter, or the colors, the symbolism or the story it tells. 

All you know is that the painting is a window into something good. It inspires you. It lifts your spirits. It brings a sense of comfort, hope or delight. 

And having it around … having it to look at every day… is going to create some more light in your life.

When you find that piece – you just know. It was meant for you.

This is what motivates me to paint. I create pieces that are reminders of what we cherish, what we hope for, and the love that connects us and surrounds us. It is my way of kindling more joy within myself and then passing that on to you, and then out into the world as you share the painting with those you love.

If you feel a connection to one of my paintings… if it inspires you, cheers you, or touches you, I’d love to hear about it.

And if you have an idea for a special piece I could create for you, I would love to connect with you and discuss the possibilities. 


More about me:

I’ve been painting in acrylics since my first piece in my last year of high school – a fantasy painting of two unicorns and a princess! My technique is nearly all self-taught through trial and error but I enjoyed learning more about how to express meaning in my work through painting classes at York University.

Many of the pieces I’ve created since 1999 express my personal search for hope and healing amidst profound grief for my sister and other lost loved ones. It is my way of focusing on the good things in my life, and on the grace I feel at work within my grief, while also expressing the lasting legacy and influence of those I love and miss.


I use she/her pronouns, and live in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada with my family. I am grateful to be one of the founding members of the Newmarket Group of Artists. Meditation, writing, nature walks and photography are some of my other joys in life. I'm so grateful for your interest in my work.

Be safe, be well, and know you are appreciated so much.

- Laura 

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