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When we take time to be with a painting that is beautiful and meaningful to us, we gaze upon a window into joy.
I believe that being surrounded by paintings we love every day can support, comfort and inspire us.

Original Paintings Available for Purchase

Click or tap an image to learn more about a piece.
Most new work sells before it is posted here. To see new work before it's posted publicly, subscribe to my email list for early access 
and lots of inspiration.

Original Small Studies Available for Purchase

Studies are created on canvas board (instead of canvas stretched on a wooden frame) and are painted with fewer layers, completed usually within one afternoon or day. They are a great way to start your art collection, to display a meaningful piece on a desk or mantle, or to give as a gift. Click or tap an image to learn more about a piece.

Sold and Commissioned Original Paintings and Studies

Selected Pieces

Click or tap an image to see more information a piece.

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