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A Window to the Place You Miss

A very special commissioned painting of a beloved home garden, much missed: "Blacklaw" ©Laura Higgins 2022

Her heart didn’t want to leave this beloved place… one that had been in the family for generations. To walk into the house was to find familiarity and comfort. Every window looked out onto a beautiful landscape, including the gardens she lovingly tended. Each room held memories within its walls. This was home. Her family knew that downsizing to a smaller space elsewhere, although absolutely necessary, was going to be very hard for her. One of her daughters approached me with an idea: to create a painting of one of her Mum’s favorite views of the garden and surprise her with it as a gift. This way, in her new apartment, she could have a “window” into that beautiful place she loved so much.

Photos of Scottish garden painting in progress by Laura Higgins
Some photos of "Blacklaw" in progress.

It was a wonderful moment when her Mum opened the painting. She absolutely loved it and I hope it will bring her joy every time she looks at it.

So many of us have left, or live far away from, meaningful places we love. The landscape and home where my Nana used to live, is one of those magical areas for me. Creating and hanging up artworks depicting Nana's home, and beloved locations nearby, is a way to bring those places close to me again, in spirit, every day.

Is there somewhere you love and miss? If you could have a painting of one very special place in your memories, what would that place be? I’d love to hear what you would choose! You can comment on the blog or send me an email by clicking here. Maybe we could make that painting a reality!

A much beloved path: "Winter Gift" ©Laura Higgins 2002

P.S. I am mindful that as I post this, we are approaching the anniversary of beginning of the war on Ukraine. I'm sending love to all those whose lives, homes and beloved landscapes have been changed forever by war, by colonialism, by natural disaster, and by other profound losses.

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Absolutely beautiful💗"The Light Beyond the Door" has always been a favourite of mine to view and a piece that I have always admired. I marvel at how you were able to emulate the love and warmth that was shared and felt during the visits that took place with your Nana through this piece. "Winter Gift" is gorgeous, the way the light falls on the snow, the sunlight dancing on snowy footprints. All of your pieces Laura, represent meaningful and creative snapshots of moments in time that are cherished and treasured dearly. Beautiful!

Feb 22, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much Ameerah for all your kind words. I love how you experience these pieces and I am grateful for your ongoing support.

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